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Zygomnesis as Sacred Artifact


Have you walked up the 1000 steps to the mount of Tepeyac to stand where Juan Diego is said to have encountered the lady you see here to your left?  This is Our Lady of Guadalupe as she appears on Juan's own cloak, a phenomenon attributed to the miraculous, a vision thought to be of divine origin.  There may be a miracle here.  The origin may be divine.  That is not, however, the purview of this limited investigation. 
The reader now knows how to play this game (and it is much like a game, right?).  Juan saw, in this analysis, not a vision of the Virgin, but of himself at the moment of conception, the meeting of the female egg which we see in the oval surrounding the Madonna, with the sperm, here represented by the corona surrounding the egg's perimeter.  No snake-haired woman was conjured by the gentle Juan, but the benign daughter of heaven, Mary.  In place of conquering Perseus, a smaller intruder appears in the lower quadrant.  Observe the little angel at the foot of the image, mightily striving against the lipid barrier which bars him from the cytoplasm of the unresisting egg.  He even holds a segment of the egg's shell in his hands.  To underscore the hidden meaning of Juan's vision,Virgin wears an Aztec pregnancy sash around her waist. 


Mitosis is complete.  The single fertilized cell which Juan interpreted as "Our Lady" has replicated.  In nine months, the future St. Juan Diego will be born into a newly Christian land.

The Zygomnesis-inspired vision is not complete, however, if you simply consider the framed tunic of Juan Diego as it appears in Our Lady's eponymous Cathedral in Tepeyac.  This is replication.  This is a story of cellular replication.  Juan's vision is the original fertilized, diploid cell.  The tunic represents the division of one cell into two identical cells, a process called mitosis.  Juan is not only present at his creation, but a witness to his proliferation.  He is multiplying and will continue to exponentiallly expand until his becomes the humble and humbled peon encountering a European faith in the hills outside Mexico city. 


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