Drinking to Remember
Noah's Ark
Pre-Islamic Hajj
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Tibetan Buddhism
Plato's Atlantis: Found
Drinking to Remember: A Conclusion

Revelation came to four different faith traditions (and hundreds of examples from African, Native American and Pacific Islanders could have been included) from the same source.  Is the source divine?  I would suggest it is but refrain from presenting more than a single premise:  our faith traditions are variations on the theme of our first moment of life and contain referential symbols of every aspect of human reproduction at the cellular level.  This is the first memory. 

Juan Diego's conception as interpreted by Juan Diego

A sex-cell engulfed in sperm as fertilization takes place followed by a mighty I AM.

A Bhuddist god and his consort give rise to a multiplicty of identical cells

A proscription against pictorial representation did not spare Islam from the pull of zygomnesis

For cultures to clash, they must contain a meaningful refutation of the other.  They must constitute a living rebuke to the opposing cosmology.  They must, in short, oppose.  These faiths do not oppose.  Instead, they simply dress the scaffold differently.  All is secondary to the voiceless proclamation of the conceptus who briefly knows all the secrets of the universe and observes its own destiny in the history of its people and its planet.  In order to at least partially recover this knowledge, we scribble our dreams on parchment, certain that the residue of that original light must be in there somewhere, we become re-enactors on a global scale, pressing forward to touch a life-giving stone, and in our sacraments we drink.  But we drink to remember.